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What, Why, When, How and Who?  

What is it?

KEYPrime is Landmark Systems' latest addition to the KEY brand of accounting and property software.  Released in 2012, Landmark is now supporting over one third of its existing KEY32 customers who have upgraded to take advantage of the latest technology.  New Landmark customers are choosing KEYPrime too as the right answer for their management needs.

Why should I upgrade?

The KEY32 suite of programs is becoming technically challenged and has a finite lifespan; the underlying structures are now 20 years old and as we all know technology moves on at an ever-increasing pace. The ‘look and feel’ of KEYPrime is consistent with the latest Microsoft products - clear and customisable.  The most popular product features are the user-defined screen layouts and enhanced drill down facilities.

When should I upgrade?

Time is running out, although we will continue to support KEY32 products until 2017 it is essential to PLAN AHEAD and allocate some time very soon to discussing with us your data conversion linked to your management objectives.  We can guide you through the process, plan the most appropriate timing for your business, eg year end, and help you to choose from the 3 conversion options.   

How do I do it?

Simple. We have the people, tools and technology to make it happen and there is minimal risk - you just need to know what to expect and to plan the migration of data with us.  Choose from Full Data Conversion (FDC), On-site Codes Only (OSC), and Codes Only Conversion (COC), you will be fully supported and it is an ideal time to review your coding and data management systems.

Who do I contact?

Just call your regional sales and training adviser direct, or the Pulborough Office. Alternatively, register your interest in KEYPrime here and we will send you the relevant product details.  If you are ready to plan your upgrade now let us know or visit one of our KEYPrime Presentations around the UK

KEYPrime additional features         KEY32 to KEYPrime data conversion options

Quote:   “The programme as it is now – is an extremely powerful tool and I am beginning to realise this more and more.  The more information you put in the more there is to get out and in so many different ways.”

Ros Foreman (AIAgSA) Lead Partner for Farm and Estate Administration,  BCM Rural Property Specialists, November 2014