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Geofolia logo

New Crop Recording Software from Landmark

Landmark has recognised that UK farmers are looking for a simple but comprehensive crop recording solution. Having researched both the market requirements and possible solutions we are pleased to announce that we will be launching Geofolia in the UK.  Developed by our parent company Isagri, Geofolia is already used on over 7500 sites with 4000 clients using the cloud solution.  Geofolia is ideal for those who prefer to spend their time in the field rather than the office. 

The clear, uncluttered screens make the set up and data entry processes simple to follow and tool tips display extra advice for the novice user.  Those users familiar with Landmark’s KEYPrime software will recognise the ribbon menus that allow more than one module to be open at any time for speed of access to data.

Mapping is an integral part of Geofolia and included as standard, allowing the user to choose whether they view field records in a conventional table or from the farm map .

This seamless interface between field records and the farm map is unique to Geofolia. The easy to use mapping module allows the user to identify, measure and split fields, record landscape features and display management information such as crops and varieties graphically.

Pesticide and fertiliser applications may be entered either as a planned task before applying to produce an action plan for the operator or when completed.  The pesticide database included within Geofolia maintains a list of active ingredients and will warn of any misapplications.  Phyto-diagnosis warning Geofolia

A comprehensive nutrient management module provides records of fertiliser and manure usage and the integral mapping can calculate no spread zone and buffer zone areas if required. 

Stock records of inputs are calculated and costings information may be added if the user requires financial information.

Smartphone integration illustration

Smartphone Integration

For those requiring a mobile option the Smartphone module provides an app for tablet or smartphone so that Geofolia is available anywhere for both the operator and manager.

Where can I see Geofolia?

Geofolia will be launched at LAMMA’17 (18/19 January) and in advance of this we are looking for further early adopters whom we will work alongside during the introduction of Geofolia into the UK.
The early adopters are likely to be arable or mixed farms with a conventional cropping regime who require a system that will provide a means of recording all the statutory information required simply, whilst also providing clear and relevant management information.

If you are interested in becoming an early adopter or would like more information please contact the Landmark Office phone 01798 877100